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Window Blinds Repair

Window Blinds Repair

Anderson Blinds, Inc may be able to repair your broken window blinds. Our window blinds professionals can take a look at the broken blinds and let you know what your options are. You can bring the broken blinds to our showroom in Orland Park, or call us at (708) 460-1300. We can let you know if it is repairable, and if so give you a Free Quote on the cost of repair.

When should I repair my blinds, instead of purchasing new blinds?

If you have a room with several sets of macthing window blinds, and only one of them is broken, you may not have to replace all of them. As long as the other window blinds are in decent condition, you may be able to repair the one set of blinds that is broken. If the other window blinds are not in good condition, you may want to consider replacing them with new window blinds. If the other blinds work well, but just need to be cleaned, we provide professional window blind cleaning at our showroom in Orland Park.

  • Dysfunctional products can be repaired!
  • Broken cords?? Won’t stay up?? Won’t go down?? Doesn’t draw?? Won’t tilt?? Looks crooked??
  • Do not replace them unless you want to! Most products can be repaired in just a few days!

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